Leggett & Platt Smart Seating Technologies

Leggett & Platt is a leader in innovative home furniture components. With smart seating technologies such as LP Sense and LP Connect, Leggett & Platt can supply a complete package of high-quality hardware and electronics supporting the latest features for both residential and commercial seating applications.

LP Sense

LP Sense is a patented safety-enhancement feature that uses capacitive sensing technology (the same sort of technology used in most smart phones) to detect human presence and contact with chair mechanisms or adjustable bed bases. When LP Sense detects human contact with the metal of the furniture mechanism, the motors will stop moving. LP Sense can also detect occupancy in a chair for advanced features such as auto-close or to capture usage data in commercial cinemas.

LP Drive

LP Drive is Leggett & Platt's line of smart furniture controllers and accessories, including motors, power supplies, and control boxes. The controllers support advanced features such as LP Sense, soft start/stop, auto-close, and overload protection (current sense). The motor controllers are also fully configurable through PC software, allowing manufacturers to change how the control box functions for each chair at the assembly line. Many LP Drive control boxes with LP Sense are UL/IEC recognized components, enabling manufacturers to quickly and easily certify their furniture through UL 962 without having to re-evaluate the electronics. For more information on LP Drive controllers, see the LP Drive product comparison or view product information and documentation.

LP Connect

LP Connect is Leggett & Platt's protocol for communication directly to the furniture controller. The LP Connect system is designed to allow two-way communication with several different devices which may be found in residential and commercial power furniture. Using a bridge device, user applications (running on PCs, servers, or home automation systems) can be connected to the LP Connect system. The user application can receive status information and can send commands to the chair controller to change parameters or actuate the devices. For technical information about LP Connect, visit the LP Connect documentation.

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